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Telecommunication plays a key role in modern society. As a telecommunication engineer, you can contribute to the development of the technology on which modern society relies.

It is virtually impossible to imagine a society without TV, radio, Internet, and mobile communication. Telecommunication is not only central to addressing tasks of importance to society, such as telemedicine, banking, train signalling systems, and monitoring, but people are also highly dependent on smartphones, social media, on-demand video streaming etc. Telecommunication infrastructure—the technology that forms the basis of modern society—relies on engineers capable of maintaining existing systems and developing and designing new ones.

The MSc in Telecommunication at DTU is unique in that all of the above aspects are incorporated into one MSc degree.

Shorts Superdry Volley Beach Orange Havana Swimming Study programme focus

The study programme covers areas ranging from advanced component and system design through complex network structures to the development of services and ICT solutions that meet user expectations. The programme courses include three central, traditional disciplines which, to some extent, share a common technical-scientific basis. These are:

Component and software design

This discipline addresses both the development of optical components, optical transmission systems, and electronic components—e.g. in the form of integrated circuits—and the design of telecommunication software, including signal-processing software.

System development and methods

Courses offered within this discipline are mainly related to coding, communication networks, and multimedia. They address the basis for—and design of—technical communication systems as well as operation and monitoring of the systems.


Courses offered within this discipline are related to the following areas: services and networks, information systems, and market conditions for communication applications. These application-oriented courses focus on the interaction between technologies, user needs, and various market and organizational aspects, including solutions to supporting organizational communication and cooperation.
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The above disciplines are not described in any course list, as a given study programme can either be linked to the traditional disciplines or composed of different courses, typically representing new combinations which we expect to have the largest growth potential.


The Telecommunication programme allows you to specialize in one of the four study lines:

If you choose one of these study lines, it will appear on your diploma. However, you are not required to choose a study line.

You should also be aware that your choice of courses in your individual study plan offers a high degree of flexibility. Therefore, you have every opportunity to design your own study programme and career by choosing from the wide range of courses offered at DTU. Have a chat with the head of studies if you would like specific suggestions as to courses and your study plan.

Read more about the structure of the MSc programmes at DTU.


The aim of the study programme is to educate highly qualified engineers with the competencies to carry out research, development, planning, and analysis tasks in a number of areas related to telecommunication.

Read more about your future career under the ‘Career’ tab.

The Student Guidance for Danish students are standing by to help you with all the help and guidance you need.

International Affairs and Student Guidance are standing by to help you with all the help and guidance you need to enjoy your stay at DTU..
DTU offers Honours Programmes on every MSc programme. In the Honours Programme elite students have access to a particularly challenging course of studies.

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